My Two Hats!


Here we are almost at another summer holidays already and another year zooming by! There’s been lots going on here!  Read on and I will explain all!




  • My two hats

So what’s this all about…two hats??   Well, since opening my Zazzle store, I now split my time wearing the two hats, so to speak. Romsey Fotografix being one, and my Zazzle Store – Fotografixgal Designs, t’other.



Now please don’t get me wrong. Just because I have found a new love in my Zazzle store, doesn’t mean I’m no longer “in love” with my photography and Romsey Fotografix. Nah, not at all, that’s still my baby. As we all know, when the second “baby” comes along, you love it just as much don’t you, if you’ll forgive the analogy!  I guess what I’m saying is, it’s possible to love two babies equally.



Of course, finding time to devote to each and give them both my all has meant a little compromising. I have cut back on my photoshoots, which means that I can still devote the time necessary for each photo session and the subsequent edit and correspondence, and thus maintain the standard of customer service I like to give.  My time is split about 50/50. Best of both worlds!



I do my photoshoots at the weekends and edits early in the week afterwards, and the rest of my  time I devote to designing for my Zazzle store. This really has become such a passion for me, I can’t tell you just how much I enjoy it! Haha my friends and family know exactly how much as I do go on about it a lot!!!




Running a Zazzle store is actually quite complex, it’s not just a question of designing and plonking it onto any old products if you want to progress and do well on there. When I first started on there about a year ago, I had no idea at all about best practices for it and it was frustrating not to be making many sales at the time. I took the step of investing in some fantastic training from Elke Clarke one of Zazzle’s top sellers.  I can honestly say it was the best money I ever spent and am so pleased I decided to go for it. I’m sure I would never have got so far so quickly on my own. It’s been onwards and upwards since putting into practice everything I learnt (and am still learning).  The training from Elke doesn’t just stop when you finish the course, so you’re not left high and dry. She has a private Facebook group and does regular live sessions so we can ask her anything we need to know. She also assesses our stores if we ask her to and tells us how we can improve and what we’re doing right and wrong which has been invaluable.  A year in, and I’m delighted to say my sales are really starting to take off which has been very encouraging. Ironically, my most popular items are wedding stationery, photo gifts and photo blocks – so the “sisters” Romsey Fotografix and Fotografixgal Designs do cross paths in some ways!  Oh and not forgetting inspirational/motivational quote products, I have loads in store, which I decided to do not only because I love this sort of thing myself, but I reckoned they would be popular as you see them in shops all over the place nowadays don’t you. And indeed they have become bestsellers for me – I’m always racking my brains so I can add new ones.



In the main I use my Instagram and Pinterest accounts to promote my Zazzle store. Social Media takes such a lot of time to get it right. There’s quite a strategy involved if you want to keep your loyal following entertained. I’m pretty sure I haven’t got it all sussed but I do my best :)



I’m a firm believer in doing what you love most in life, after all you only get one shot at it (excuse the photography related pun!!) Grab those opportunities as they arise!    You gotta be content and fulfilled in your work!!

I have found my very Happy Place.





The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day.